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Saturday, 24 February 2007


Szia! We are developing our new Hungarian section - for Hungarians learning English and for English speakers wanting to learn Hungarian. Our resources include flash cards - concentrating at present on classroom language and objects.

We have developed a useful bi-lingual Hungarian / English help mat with key words and greetings, numbers, colours and other important vocabulary. Ideal if you have a new Hungarian pupil starting in your class to teach him / her new vocabulary. The rest of the class can learn some Hungarian too! Likewise it can be used by English teachers working with Primary-aged pupils in Hungary.

Food and Drink resources, and larger number cards are coming very soon.


Anonymous said...

Thank you we have a Y2 Hungarian pupil joining us. Good to know we're not alone!

Emma said...

You are welcome! Please let me know if you require any other Hungarian resources.


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